Friday, January 28, 2011

The last few months I have seen a lot of rabbits and dolls (sets) fly away to places all over the world ( and I would have loved to go with them ;-) I wanted to share some pictures with you of them in their new homes. I love seeing how the dolls and rabbits come to live and get their little outfits....I want to see more... so if you have made a rabbit or doll with my set please send me a picture or link so I could see it and perhaps share some more her on my blog! (if you made something with my screenprinted fabrics I love to see that too!!)
1. rabbit made by Helen 2. Doll made by Veerle 3. Doll I send to Misha Lulu 4. Bela with her new bag 5. Dolls Heleen made (love their knitted hats) 6. Bela with Paris doll 7. Rabbit made by Karen 8. Red rabbit made by Astrid


heleen said...

What A nice surprise to find them on your blog! Everyone of those are super cute. I'll tell when I finished my complete remnant pack, there is one bunny almost finished and with the left-over arms and legs I am going to make an other one. Just have to look for some nice fabric for a face/head and body.

Astrid said...

We like to think of our Miko rabbit as the fanciest stuffed animal in the house -- while the other toys have tea parties, she has champagne!! Love seeing the rest of the rabbits and dolls -- what a special bunch!

Juniper said...

We will do our best this weekend to snap a photo of our fancy lady, hoping to make her extra clothes come summer time when I have time to sew again. She is much loved in our house. Thank you!

Misha Lulu said...

ohhhh! how nice of showing our photos! Thank you so much for doing this!