Spring Bird Garland

A princess headband Tutorial

I created the green headband a long time ago for Mila for a dress up party for school.
We didn't have a outfitt for her to wear and I made this headband last minute during breakfast ;-)
It's a fun and easy project that you or yoor children can make.
You can change the look by using different colours and embellishments.

Travel pillow tutorial

sew all the way around and turn inside out

Now your travel pillow is ready, have a save trip and sweet dreams!!


(the pattern schould fit a A4 if you have trouble printing the correct size just send me a e-mail and I send you a pdf )

A tutorial to make a poncho for a doll or other softie.


This is a fun and easy project to add some colour to a party or to decorate a room. I made this myself but it could be a good project to do with kids.


I made these small paper houses with my daughters (age 7 & 9) we used them as christmas decoration but I think it would be great all year round, changing size and paper you can create a diffrent look !



I really enjoyed making the needle books from the give-away and wanted to make some for the upcoming gift season and thought that it would be nice to take pictures of the process and make a tutorial for the blog. I hope you like the tutorial and if you have any questions regarding the tutorial please let me know, to see the pictures bigger and read the text better just click on the photo, have fun!

* note : the tutorial starts at the bottom picture ;-)

 Enveloppe tutorial

Since a few weeks Sofia and Mila are writing letters to their grandparents, they don't live far away and we see them almost every week but I thought it was a good way for the girls to practice their writing skills & spelling and it would also be a fun thing to do. Last week Mila and I spend some time making enveloppes of pretty paper from our favourite magazine Flow, I made a little animation with a small tutorial on how to make these cute enveloppes with some magazine pages and Japanese tape...enjoy!!

 Paper Flower Tutorial

I think that a lot of people already made these or know how to, but I just had to share this, I love making these flowers and that's good because I plan on making lots of them for the party decoration. Want to see how to make them in a more detailed tutorial, just go to

Martha tutorial or watch this video. Have fun!!

A small tutorial on how to make easy and fun juggle balls

step 4: put the other balloon around the ball. Finished now you have a fun and easy party present !!

step 3: put the first balloon around the rice bag, with the knot down.

step 2: take two diffrent coloured balloons and cut of the tops.

step 1: Take a small plastic bag and fill it with 70 gr rice and make a knot and cut just above the knot.

Fabric banner tutorial

I love fabric banners, there are a lot of different ways to make one, I've made a few different ones and I think this is the best way to make one. This is the first tutorial I ever did, so if there are any questions, yes please!!

Step 1.collect a few different cute fabrics, I prefer a combination of plain cotton and cute printed cotton.

Step 2. draw on a piece of paper a triangle of your chosen size, here I made a small one.

Step 3. Use the paper triangle to cut your fabric. The amount of triangles depends on the length that your banner is going to be, you have to do a little math to find this out.

Step4. I like to have the same amount of plain ones as the pattern textile, this way it's easier to make a nice combination.

Step 5. After cutting the fabric place the triangles with the patterned (wrong) sides together and sew them together.

Step 6. Turn the triangles inside out and iron them.

Step 7. Fold the bias ribbon double, and sew the triangles between them, leave some space at the beginning and end of the banner.


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