Thursday, January 06, 2011

Houses and garlands

I'm in love with houses lately....not normal houses to live in but minature, paper, sweet houses. I wanted to show you these white paper houses Mila and Sofia made for christmas, we put a fake tea light in the middle and that gives such a great effect in the evening. The felt garland they made for the wintermarket and in the jars are felt pieces and thread to make your own garland (little stickers are drawn by Mila) The houses are quite simple to make but if anyone likes me to make a small tutorial just let me know!
Thanks for your reactions on the Donna Hay magazine, I have several offers so I will get in touch soon!


Squam Hill Design said...

what sweet houses! I would love to see a tutorial, if you have time to post one :) I really enjoy reading your blog. You and your girls are so creative and cool...inspires me to get my little one involved in the sewing/crafting.


Belinda said...

Jaaaaaaa! Tutorial! Ze zijn echt heel leuk...

Studio Van San said...

That looks nice!
Best Wishes for the four of you, Erika!

Red Red Completely Red said...

What pretty houses! Yes, a tutorial would be lovely!

I'm so excited... my Mum got me a Mrs. Red Rabbit, and I'm so looking forward to sewing her up!

urban craft said...

me too, these are so sweet. I once saw a modern plant potter that looks exactly like your ones there. Only with a huge white orchid sticking out of the open rooftop.