Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Thanks for the lovely birthday mail!!

Finally some time to blog again, these have been some busy days but very nice ones too. Mila went on schoolcamp right after her birthday so we used our days of to take a good second look at all the pretty mail she recieved for her birthday! Thank you so much to all you who have sendt her something, she was really surprised and very happy with all your mail, seeing her face opening the postbox was really great and she could slmost not carry the post by herself ;-) So a big thanks to you all I could not do it without you!
I took some pictures of the mail to show you how lovely, sweet and creative the cards, packages where. Mila and I where busy making some moonrise kingdom thank you mails and they will be on its way very soon.
Thank you!!

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Jennifer - Heedopter said...

Hey, how lovely to see my own card here! I'm happy to hear how suprised she was with that big pile of snailmail :-)