Monday, September 08, 2014

Los Angeles her we come....

Tomorrow I'm flying of to Los Angeles with this happy group of dolls and rabbits and Mila to be present and part of the opening of the Exposition Misha Lulu.
Especially for this exposition I made a collection of limited edition dolls and rabbits in a collection of clothes inspired by the super cute new fall/ winter collection of Misha Lulu. 
I cannot wait to finally meet Karen (the designer of Misha Lulu) and her duaghter Bela! 
The opening of the Expo is Saturday the 13th (my birthday) and I look forward to see you there!

Of course we will also be tourist in LA so if you have any tips what to see and do just let us know or if you  want to meet up for coffee ;-)

Friday, July 18, 2014

Free Shipping

To celebrate summer I offer free shipping in my Etsy shop with coupon code SUMMERTIME.
( untill 25 july)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

mini pencil tutorial

I made a tutorial together with Sofia on how you can make your own mini pencils.
(Sofia did all the filming & editing!!!)

What you will need:
- toothpicks
- acrylic paint
- small brush
- tinfoil
- double sided tape
- scissors
- nail file

Step  1 :Cut of the one end of the toothpick with a scissors
Step  2: smooth the top of the toothpick with a nail file 
Step 3: paint the top of the toothpick with pink paint ( this will be the eraser) and let it dry
Step 4: paint the centre of the pencil any colour you like and let it dry
Step 5:with a black fineliner colour the point of the pencil
Step 6:Fold a piece of tinfoil double and use double sided tape to attach it to the pencil in between the eraser and the rest of the pencil

Monday, July 07, 2014

Roman Holiday

Oh yeah the summer holiday is almost here and I'm really looking forward to it especially because we are going to Rome. I cannot wait to be there eat delicious food, shop at the markets and visit all the historic sichts.
 But I also love to see more of Rome, cute shops, fabricmarkets, secondhand stores and more hidden gems we cannot find in the tourist guide.
Do you have any tips for me what to see, do eat, visit or buy while we are in Rome or fun places to go with kids ( teenagers)?
I look forward to hear from you!
(picture and map you can find on my Rome pinterest board)

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

A bear for breakfast

My way to start the weekend is to make a creative breakfast for the girls on saturday morning, I like coming up with a new theme and try to incorparate that into a jummie and healthy ( well mostly) breakfast for the girls. 
Here is the breakfast I made for them last weekend, a big bear made of a giant cracker I bought at the Ikea food store, combined with toast, 'beschuit'  and mango ears. I combined it with a strawberrie/pineapple smoothie, fresh cherries and some biscoti. 
Since I started making these breakfast i'm walking through the supermarket with a whole new perspective,  finding interesting crackers, pretty fruit and other food that I can use for the creative breakfasts! 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Paris Paperdoll in Flow

So nice to finally have the flow Summer book in my hands and see the Paris  paperdoll that I designed in there!! It was such a nice job to make this for Flow magazine!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Camera's and moustaches

I love making mini things so I decided to make a mini version of Mila's dress with the leftover fabric. 
You can also see some of the gifts Sofia got on her birthday, cute mini camera stamps and camera tape from Indie-ish, a vintage camera and a mini camera you can find here .

Monday, June 16, 2014

Sewing for teenagers

I love sewing clothes for my girls and they love the clothes I make (at least they tell me so)
But lately I've been sewing less clothes for them since I find it hard to find nice patterns for their size (158 and up) I used to sew mostly clothes from Japanese sewing books because I like their simple shapes and look but all those patterns are up to size 140 or so. In holland you can find burda or knippie (kids clothes sewing magazines) but I'm not a big fan of their style.
But last saturday in the bookstore I took a look in the new Knippie and saw a pattern I liked of a very simple dress that would be perfect for the girls. I already had this fun Moustache fabric waiting to be made into something so within a few hours I made a new dress for Mila and she looves it and so do I.

Do you have the same trouble of finding nice patterns for your teenagers or do you have some nice tips for great patterns?

Thursday, June 12, 2014

A vintage camera party

 Last monday my sweet Sofia celebrated her 13th birthday.Last year I told her that the next party she would have to do herself and I would not make her a themed birthday party anymore, because she is a big girl  and in high school! But when the date of her birthday approached I couldn't help myself thinking about making her a birthday party so I asked Mila if she would like to surprise her sister and make her a suprise themed party. 
The theme we choose for her is vintage camera, she loves cameras, film and photo's and is really into vintage lately, to give the party a grown up look I decided to go for black and white as the main colours and added a lovely shade of blue to give it a vinatge touch.

For the decoration I painted cardboard camera's together with Mila, a fun and in expensive project that really stands out I think. I made lots of darwings of camera's and screenprinted them on plain cotton and used this to make a backdrop for the photobooth and made some cushions for the Sofa.

Of course the food had to match the theme we baked sugar cookies in camera shapes and decorated them with icing and candy, cupcakes with white chocoalet and fondant cameras on top and a chocolate cake in a camera shape.
Sofia's day began with a nice cemar breakfast, we used crakers, oreo cookie, candy, cookies and croissant dough to form the camera's and served it with a jummie green smothie.

Sofia loved her surprise themed party and I loved creating it for her!!

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Behind the scenes....

Here he is my little helper, my co-worker, my hairy friend Timmie, I love having him around me and he loves to be in the pictures I take! Of course I think he is cute but I don't want to turn into a blog with just cat pictures but I think this is a good one to share.