Thursday, March 28, 2013

Doll clothes swap

 I always have so much fun making new outfits for the Paris dolls, I like to make small ensembles for different occasions and like to add cute accessories too.  Do you enjoy making doll clothes too? Would it not be fun to do a doll clothes swap!? This is how it works, you send me a mail to tell me you want to be part of the Doll clothes swap and then I will make small groups of 3-4 swappers. You'll then make 3-4 of the same  outfits and send it to your swap partners, they will do the same and then you'll end up with a lovely doll clothes wardrobe.  I will send you a mail with your swap partner adres and also will attach some doll clothes pdf patterns.

Feel like joining the doll clothes swap?

You have untill 12 april to sign up!

1 comment:

jelly andrews said...

This seems a great idea. It seems so cool. But I guess I am too late for this. I hope this could have an extension.