Friday, June 22, 2012

What I like.......1#

Since a few weeks I have a new toy, an I-pad and I really like it. I still don't know a lot of the possibilities it has to offer but everyday I find out a bit more. Of course one of the things you can do with an I pad is downloading lots of apps... there are so many apps and most of them are ugly, loud and not so nice I think.
But yesterday I found this new app from Martha Stewart it 's called Martha Stewart Craft Studio, it's a fun app to make nice collages with pictures that you can than e-mail or share via Twitter or facebook. What I like about the app is that it's very easy to use and it's creative. Some of the fun features are the drawers that you can open to get your craft supplies but the best thing must be the glitter ( not that I am a glitter-loving girl) first you apply the glue than you choose your favourite glitter and than you shake your I pad to sprickle the glitter over your glue, how fun is that! If you are the lucky owner of an I-pad you can download the app here, be quick because it's free download untill 8th of july!
(this post was not sponsered in any way ;-) by Martha Stewart or I-pad!!) Do you have a favourite app? I would love to know about it.


Tante Cupcake said...

Oh dat is leuk! Bedankt voor de tip. Ik ga de app gelijk downloaden.

Paris in Wonderland said...

Grrr... If I had that Ipad in my hands, I'd give you a bunch of awesome apps!

Hiskia / said...

*klik* bedankt! :-)
Heb mezelf een iPad kado gedaan voor hard werk wat ik nog moet af maken... dus mag er van mezelf nog niet teveel mee spelen, haha. Mijn favoriete apps zijn gênant kneuterig:,, volkskrant, nrc, oh en allerhande natuurlijk. Maar die vind ik alleen maar leuk omdat ik moeilijk aan de papieren versie kan komen hier in Zwitserland :-) Een andere fijne is VLC, want een goeie video-afspeel-app!