Thursday, June 21, 2012


Lots going on here but not so much to blog yet, I'm busy making a magazine about Sofia's party, it will take  a little bit more time since there are some other things that need time too... like making a new design that I hope to show after the summer holiday.
Here are the Babouche I bought for Mila for Sofia's the birthday party, they are so pretty perhaps I should buy a pair for myself too!


la drogheria said...

Oh yes!Are so nice... i agree with you, i think that is a great idea for summer buy a new pair of nice and confortable Babouce! ;^)
Beautiful blog and beautiful pictures!

Anne said...

lovely shoes! Succes met je projectjes!! Verheug me weer op je volgende magazine!

Melanie el Haddad said...

Leuk dat je ze gevonden hebt!

cheap cosplay costumes said...

The shoes look so beautiful!
The color is my favourite!