Friday, November 16, 2007


Today the kiddos had a day off, we went to the city to shop, take some pictures and afterthat we went to the movies ( waar is het paard van Sinterklaas? cute...). The pictures are from the shop called Shopper here in Rotterdam where I have some of my products. The shop sells mostly trendy/cool clothes for women but also offers some gadgets/shoes/jewelry and more....see their site to find out more.


Anonymous said...

ooooh, I wish we would have seen this shop the day we had a few hours to shop in Rotterdam!!! We had no idea where we were but managed to look at some fabulous shops. Thanks for your welcome home!! =)

Miho Sakato said...

lovely display!
i love the wallpaper (or painting?). so cute.

by the way...
recently, my friend who lives in Eindhoven started blog.
if you have free time, please look at!