Thursday, November 15, 2007

back from Paris.......taking it easy

Sunday evening I returned from my trip to Paris, I was so happy to come home to my hubbie and kiddos. It's always great to go on trips but it's even better to come home. I had a very good stay at my friends house, it was good to see them again. On friday and saturday evening I had a private sale/vernisage at Sidonies house ( un grand merci!!) together with two talented people Marine and Gaelic. It was a great sale, a good ambiance and meeting new people what more do you need. There was some time for some shopping, some magazines, some liberty and gifts( muji!!!) and of course clothes for my girls.
After my return home my body told me it had enough, I have taken some time of , no computer, no sewing or screenprinting, just tea and girl movies, hot water bottles and plenty of rest. Now I'm feeling much better, still taking it slow doing one thing at the time.

Sofia and Mila showing of new winterjackets

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Freshly Found said...

Welcome back from a wonderful trip! I have just posted the pics of your parcel arriving at my home.
Thanks again! I am delighted