Tuesday, November 27, 2007


My hundreds post, what to write?
There was a time that I did not know what internet could be for me, what else could it be than playing backgammon online. Oh boy what a fool I was, now I know better. When I started to read blogs, a whole new world opened to me a world full of great people, support, inspiration and lots of creativity. With the start of my blog I met great people online, I participated in several swaps and started my etsy-store. Blogging gives me the opportunity to be in contact with other creative people and get ( and give) feedback, people I would not have met otherwise. So I could go on for hours how blogging changed my life but that would be boring. I just want to say thanks to everybody who reads my blog, it means so much for me. I’m very busy at this moment finishing up some orders and start to work on a baby room for a dear friend of mine but I will try to post more often again. I’m also busy preparing a matryoshkas Christmas kids party with lots of crafty projects.


Freshly Found said...

Wow! Thanks for the offer of tea at Proef! That would be a dream come true! I will bear it in mind!
You are lucky to live nearby!

Heather Moore said...

Oh yes, I'm 100% in agreement with you. I thought the Internet was like playing computer games - kind of pointless, but look at all the incredible people out there!
Thanks so much for the birthday wishes, by the way. You're a sweetie.
Have a good weekend,