Friday, December 01, 2006

christmas home fair

Last year we rented a space at a few small christmas fairs,
a real waste of time, just not the right public .
So this year we decided to invite our own visitors and
organised our own Homefair, we send out 50 invitations.
My mum is a crafter as well, she makes beautifull cardbord boxes
and books, so we had plenty of items to sell.
Last sunday we had our fair, well prepared with lots of stock,
cakes, cookies, coffee and soup we where ready to go.
The first guest arrived even before we where officially open,
and after that it was just busy. We had barely time for our tea
and soup ( not that i'm complaining).
It was a lovely and sucsesfull sunday, it's really something worth
organizing and we got some really great reactions.

This is some of the things my mum makes

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