Monday, March 30, 2015

Party Time...

  on saturday I did a little test shoot with Mila 

This weekend was Mila's kids party, she invited 6 girls to celebrate herr birthday with.
The party started with a 'japanese kawaii' high tea with sweet sushi, rasberry cheescake, macarons, strawberries, sweet popcorn and lemonade.

To decorate the table with used paper doilies and lots of confetti! Mila made the cute cat glasses from simple glass jars and a special glass marker, the girls loved the glasses! 

After the cake eating and unwrapping the presents the girls dressed up in Harajuku style and we did a photoshoot inside the house ( the plan was to go outside and do the shoots infront of some cool street art but in was raining and storming ;-(

And then it was time to see a manga film ( wolf children) and eat sushi....

Mila loved the party and I think her friends did too, now it's time to clean up all the confetti and get back to normal life!


Daan said...

llllllloooooovvvvveeeeee wat een gaaf feestje!

ishtar said...

oh we watched the wolf children a while back and really liked it :)
Theres also an irish film called the song of the sea, i think its new and its absolutely lovely! I recommend you watch it!