Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Cool gifts....


When you turn 12 you need a cool gift and when I saw this polaroid camera in this sweet light blue color I knew it would be the perfect gift for Mila. She loves pictures and always screems out OMG when she sees a polaroid camera ( like a real teenager) She has a few penpals that she love making Happy mail for and the  polaroids that she will take with the camera will be a great addition to her mail.

We bought the camera here, I love the colors they offer and they have some great accesories for the polaroids as well like cute stickers, enveloppes, printed straps and a mini photo album where you can keep the polaroids in.

Mila pretending to take pictures in her birthday outfit


Liza Veenendaal said...

Echt gaaf! Ik heb ze gezien en ooh die kleurtjes zijn echt geweldig.

Rose Coleman said...

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