Monday, May 27, 2013

Teatime in Paris

 Oh my, I have been away from my blog such a long time. I did not plan to be away but life just took over I guess, the kids had holiday, i had lots of work to do and the lack of sunshine did not help either, I love making pictures with natural light but rainy grey days kept me from making bright and sunny pictures to share on my blog.
In the meantime I have recieved and send some Happy mails for the Happy mail project, I really enjoyed making my mail for Ishtar, I knew she likes neon colours and tea and I combined that with my love for Paris and came up with the ' Teatime in Paris'  theme for this happy mail. It's so fun to make these and to work with a special person in mind, it was so much fun to make and even better to hear that Ishtar loved it too!
The happy mail included some lovely smelling tea that I repackaged with Rie Elise Larsen paper that I bought here, I made some enveloppes, some drawings, stickers, Mila helped to make confetti and I included a little camera & some Paris labels.


Patricia van Engelen said...

Lovely to read a blog from you again! I understand why Ishtar loved your happy mail: it's great!

Denise Beckand said...

Nou, die Isthar, die krijgt echt leuke post! Ziet er geweldig en super kleurrijk uit.

Pomme Coing said...

I love this exchange idea! And your happy mail really looks HAPPY!

ishtar olivera said...

Oh yes!!! LOVED it sO Much!!!!
will treasure it always!! : D
thank you once again Erika!!!