Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Immer Urlaub

A little while ago I went to the opening of the store Urlaub of talented Ellen Vesters in Utrecht, the girls went with me and where excited to meet Ellen and some of the other bloggers who would attend the opening.
 The shop is super nice, so many pretty products. Sofia bought a very nice book full of doodles made by Marlous de Vries and even met and talked with her!
The opening was so much fun and I met lots of lovely people and fellow bloggers and I totally forgot to take pictures of the shop. We made some gifts for Ellen to celebrate the opening of her shop, Mila made a drawing and paper camera (that I did not take pictures of) Sofia made a drawing for Ellen that we framed an I made a little shop assistent for Ellen!

by the way did I mention that Sofia was excepted at the Theatre school (film direction)
we are so proud of her!!!


Liza Veenendaal said...

Wauw! Gefeliciteerd Sofia!

afke said...

Wow..leuk voor haar!