Friday, April 12, 2013

Another birthday party

 Today we celebrate a special birthday, my man turned 40 today and of course the girls and I wanted to surprise him. But what to do/ give a man of 40 ? We gave him a nice breakfast and lots of enveloppes filled with sweet cards made by the girls with gift vouchers for a dinner, a cinema visit and a weekend trip. We covered the table with brown craft table and I gave the girls a marker to decorate it. I made a little banner with ' life starts at' and decorated the wall with a big washi tape 40. I think he liked it ;-)


Anne said...

Gefeliciteerd met je man Erika! Leuk idee en wederom stylish!
Life starts at 40! (fijn om te weten:)

Mireille said...

Wat kan jij toch geweldige feestjes maken!
Veel plezier vandaag en met al het in het verschiet liggende leuks.

Mireille said...

Oh...en het klopt hoor,
het leven wordt echt leuker na 40!

Stephanie said...

Hoera! Nog gefeliciteerd met je man! wat een gave kadootjes en versiersels :)