Monday, December 19, 2011


You perhaps already know I love macarns, I have (tried) to bake them several times using different recipes and sometimes it worked and sometimes it did not. When I was in France I bough a package macarons mix in the supermarket and the macarons I made with it turned out quite nice, of course not as good as the ones you can buy / eat in France but certainly nicer than most of the macaraons you can buy in the Netherlands. A few days ago I found these macarons mix packages at the Xenos and bought a few to try, this weekend I baked the strawberry macarons, it was very easy and the result quite pleasing. The taste is ok, not fantastic, but I like how the shape and the important little feet turned out! All in all I would say it's a succes and I will use the mix again, but it won't stop me to try to bake them all by myself again ....

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Ilaria Chiaratti said...

I should go to Xenos and buy a package too! Great tip!

Knoopjes said...

Ga nou zeker even langs de Xenos!
Geweldige tip!