Monday, July 11, 2011

Coranda Zine

I've told you already that some of my work flew to Tokyo to be part of a expo in Japan, at the expo Coranda they sell the book dutch interiors where you can find the interiors of dutch creative homes. I was asked to design a special cover for the book. At the expo they have a special pack you could buy that included the book ( + my cover) a zine about dutch life with a very nice feature and interview about the girls birthday parties, bookmark with my cute Mila in Babushka costume or dressed as Alice and a dutch cookie Stroopwafel. I saw the zine already online but it was great to recieve it saturday by mail with the books marks and little extras.

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Juniper said...

Wow, well done! Looks like a really cool magazine, can imagine the article with photos of your girl's themed parties being very inspirational. Will go search for the link to the online version of the magazine to peep through.