Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Sofia's party invitation

Tomorrow is the big day and my sweet girl wil become a teenager!! Here are the finished invitations for Sofia's sewing party. It was fun working on them together, with the invitation comes a tatoo Sofia designed, the idea is that all the guest will wear one and we also have a dress code red/white and black. There are still so many things to finish before tomorrow but they are all nice things like baking cupcakes, sewing a party dress, decorating the house and wrapping presents so no complaints from me. Better get back to work! Thanks for all the sweet words, I still have a cold but i'm feeling a bit better now.


Don't you love the old Singer Sofia drew?


Ulla V. said...

What a gorgeous invitation! It's so cool and the fact that you made it together makes it even more wonderful.

It sounds like the party is going to be lots of fun. I hope that your Sofia has an amazing day tomorrow. :))

Maca said...

i love the invitation and i love the singer draw!!!
I hope she has a beautiful party!!!

floortje said...

hi erica, wat ben je weer moie dingen aan het maken. ik was een beetje ofline en ben vooral aan het settlen hier in sverige..leuk om te zien dat je dochter jouw creativiteit heeft, wat een prachitige muurversiering heeft ze gemaakt ;-)))) vi ses