Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Hello Tokyo

The last few months I was working on a project with the ladies of Driehoek and Ibuki, the project is an expo about dutch (kids)design in Japan. To bad I'm not able to visit the expo myself in Tokyo but luckily Ebony from the inspiring blog Hello Sandwich visited the expo and made some nice pictures that I could share with you. With the expo comes a zine about the dutch way of life, books and a interview and feature about the kidsparties we have organized for the girls in the last few years. It's nice to see them together like that. You can vistit the blog Coranda for more pictures and info and if you haven't visited the blog of Ebony yet please do and be sure to take a look at her gift wrapping zine!!


MasaMiho+NaoMiho said...

thank you! from tokyo:)))


Anonymous said...

the book looks great!

mon petit enfant said...

How funny..I just bought the Hello Sandwich mag in Sydney 3 days ago!! LOvely things and so inspiring:)Will have to track down this one also!