Saturday, January 29, 2011

A fairytale dress

Do you remember the book I showed you with all those lovely dress up clothes, I made a dress for Sofia and Mila for christmas based on a pattern in that book. The dress that they choose me to make was the dress of Peau d'Ane, it was quite some work, the skirt has 3 layers and the body is lined with cotton but the girls love them. I wanted to make pictures before but with the weather being so grey it's quite difficult to make good pictures. I also made a cape, not with fake fur (way to pricy) but with velvet that I had laying around for years, I lined it with taft and it was terrible sewing this, so slipery....but the look on Mila's face when she put it on was so worth it! Happy weekend!!


objectsofwhimsy said...

Mila looks gorgeous in it. Its a lovely present my big girl has kept her dressups that her Grandma made her for her own children. I suspect this dress will have a similar history.

OrangeFarmhouse said...

pfff wat ontzetten knap! Een creatieve familie zijn jullie zo samen. Heel erg mooi geworden, hoop dat Mila er lang van zal genieten!

Suus Geniet said...

O wat mooi weer. Het wordt tijd dat ik eens op zoek ga naar iemand die mij naailes kan geven. Want met mijn rechttoe rechtaan lagereschool vaardigheden kan ik voorlopig alleen nog maar dromen van zulke mooie jurken voor mijn wijfie. Fijn weekend!

Mireille said...

Prachtige jurken!! Ik had vorige week ook 2 jurken gemaakt voor onze meiden, zie hier
Lang niet zo fancy als die van jouw, maar ook leuk!

chiara said...

I also have that book!
And I I sewed many dresses on it.
your blog is amazing,

Isabelle said...

You have done a great job, congratulations !! your little princess is beautiful