Monday, September 27, 2010

woonbeurs part 1#

This weekend I was at the woonbeurs, I shared a table with Jane from All the luck in the world and had a really lovely time. The 101-woonideeen house looked really nice and we had a very comfortable table with sewing machine and actually managed to get some work done in between chatting to visitors and each other ( it is so great and inspiring to talk to a fellow blogger and designer in person and I'm full of ideas and energy now ;-)


FeeMail said...

Great idea to take the sewing machine with you! And I love your table...

OrangeFarmhouse said...

nou bedankt hoor, nu heb ik dus spijt dat ik niet geweest ben ;-) wow wat ziet het er leuk uit zeg!

studiosterk said...

Wat leuk zeg! Ik was op crafty amsterdam, daar was t ook heel gezellig, maar denk dat het weer bij jullie beter was ;)

Anonymous said...

I find your babushkas lovely.
Do you still have some to sell?
I didn't find any on Etsy or on your webshop.
It is actually the theme of my daughter's bedroom.

Thank you!