Wednesday, September 29, 2010

5 Bloggers from my hometown

Today I want to itroduce you to 5 bloggers from my hometown Rotterdam
Lightbluegrey is the blog of Hetty, she started this blog recently and I like it already very much, I'm in love with her colour scheme...

Lille Lykke is the blog of Caroline owner of the webshop Lille Lykke. If you are into scandinavian design this blog and shop is a must visit.

Stiksel is the name of Karin's blog, here she shares pictures of her new handmade products and her beautiful pictures of her travels.

Caroline is a illustrator and one of the ladies behind Homemade Happiness. On her blog Caroline shares her love for pretty illustrated books and projects she worked on. You must not forget to check out her drawing lessons, they are so cute and I think they are great fun for both children and grown-up's.

Ozowiezo is the blog of Diana the other part of the Homemade Happiness team. This blog is full of cute finds for children found on the internet, fun you-tube films and some really nice and creative projects Diana made for/with her girls.
I hope you enjoyed this little tour in my "neighbourhood"


lightbluegrey said...

Wat leuk, het zijn tenslotte ook mijn buren.
En natuurlijk ook bedankt voor de pr!

Patricia said...

Leuke buren ;)

Ingrid in Bj! said...

What a creative place Rotterdam is - love to find new blogs to follow. Great to find you Erika, thanks for dropping by mine and I cant' believe the coincidence that you are on BYW and know Jane. What a small world - even if I am in Beijing and you are in Rotterdam!
I x

Fröken Skicklig said...

Thank you so much for sharing, Erika. These blogs look so inspiring!

Yet I have to admit that I got a little envious - Rotterdam seems to be a fruitful spot in blogland whereas the Scanian countryside makes me a bit thirsty inspirationwise...

But I think I simply have to schedule a few more classes in the Netherlands for next year, I still draw on the wonderful time I spent there in spring and summer. It will be good to get a fresh Dutch breeze!

Sending you autumn scents and Swedish sunshine to creative Rotterdam,


(I still have to write this sewing kit post I emailed you about a few months ago, I promise to do it very soon)

Jantiene said...

Leuk overzicht, wat een creatieve mensen wonen er in mijn oude stad. Ik heb er een paar toegevoegd aan het overzicht van Weblogs dat ik bijhoudt voor het Textielmuseum, onder Craft en Interior:
En zondag komen er drie bloggers live vanuit de bibliotheek van het Textielmuseum schrijven, zie

Ozowiezo said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog on your blog. What a great idea to to a neighbourhood blogpost! Nice to see the blogs of the other ladies too.

I really want to thank you for picking my handmade items - it's so nice to see somebody likes them, especially if it's someone crafty like you ;-)

By making things like these I don't have to feel so embarrassed about my two left hands...

Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

wat leuk! thanks for sharing my blog! :-)