Thursday, July 05, 2007

Etsy give-away

So I started my etsy-shop yesterday, not many things to see yet but the beginning is there. Because of this etsy store I would like to have a little give away, leave a comment telling me something about yourself and what you like, on monday the 9 of july I will pick one of you who get a suprise package of MIKODESIGN. Please also write if you like something for yourself or if you prefer something for kids.


clbl said...

lovely blog... i'll come back!

momo said...

hihello to miko, sofia and mila.

i've been reading your blog regularly, loves everythink you do(so princess-y, lucky for sofia and mila) and on today post i saw this and would like to give a try (haven't been lucky but no harm trying right?)

anyway im from singapore (hope u don't mind), just graduatted and currently working, loves pink, crazy with swapping recently (that's when i know about miko design! throught some link and ta-dah!).

i love miko plushiee and really hope to get one (:

Melly said...

Hi Erika, Who can resist going for a giveaway??!! Congrats on your new etsy store - I hope it will be a great success for you and your fabulous talents! I have been lucky to have some of your work already due to a great swap but if I were to win I would love something for my little girl - your thins are so pretty.

Shannon said...

thanks for visiting my blog! love your fabric i saw on your flickr pics, just gorgeous. Good luck with your etsy store!

ps. Id like somethig for myself if i win!!

mme zig said...

Salut Erika!
Je pense que l'on devrait pouvoir se procurer quelque part ces imprimés sérigraphiés uniques que tu mitonnes (= cook) si bien. Mais tu sais ce que je ferai avec...
Auguste dort sous sa bannière, après la sieste je file voir Adèle et Carmen, et faire de la couture avec Maud!
Des bises et bon vent, mme zig.