Wednesday, January 17, 2007

swap to amirah

Amirah has send my mother a package but included this presents
for us, some cute toothbrushes and stickers for the girls, and some
cute fabric and a beautifull handmade ring for me.
Thanks Amirah thanks for this lovely extra.

Last week was a busy week getting 3 swaps ready, but I managed,
the postmen have been working very hard because this week all
the packages have arrived.
This package is what I've send to Amirah in Malasia, she was so
sweet to send the package to my mum, for her birthday, so I had
double fun, putting the package together and the reactions from
Amirah and my mum.
Both where pleasently supprised so that makes me a happy girl,
I haven't got the pictures of my mum's package yet, so that will
In the package for amirah i included some fabrics, white red and
turqouise, a handmade pouch, some of my favourite french
magazines, some pattrens, cookies and magnets.

1 comment:

amirah said...

thanks for a great swap erika! i was so excited for your mom :) and today i received a really nice email from her!