Saturday, December 16, 2006


Last week i went to Paris for two days, the weather wasn't what i
had ordered but i enjoyed everything on this trip, i have been
many times to paris, it's only 3 hours by thalys,(and i live 10
min.walk from central station) . I did my homework before i left,
i made a list of all the stores i wanted to see, arranged them by
arrondisement, printed maps from google, and made my routes,
marked metro stations, and made my very full progam.
I'm very proud to say that i've seen 80 % of i wanted to see and do.
My goals for this trip
* inspiration
* buy new fabrics
* new clothes/pyama for the girls
* meet my friends
* promotion of my label
I have done all of the above.
After a busy day a walking/looking/buying, i went to myfriends house, where
i had a lovely dinner and talk and a good night rest, thanks eduard and maud
for your hospitality.
This is the store of Puree Jambon near monmatre, it's
a fun children's store, withlots to see.

This is inside the wonderfull store Milk on the Rocks, they sell so
many nice things for children, a little bit punk. I love the prints and
embroidery on the t-shirts, youcan find the shop near Luxembourg.

The shop window of the biggggg store of bonpoint at rue
Tournon,the red caravan is so cute. The shop is great, big and so
beautifully decorated i wish i could share it with you but could not
take pictures inside, seepictures here, they had o lot of dolls/animals from
'Apoline a paris', herwebsite is just amazing, see events to see some more
pictures of her showat bonton and bonpoint.

The shop window of Bonton, a super lovely, inspirtional
children'sShop in Paris in the rue Grenelle.

This is sooo beautifull, i just love 'Apoline a Paris"
she make's all sorts of dolls and animals, very detailed,
but done with a surtain nonchalance.
She made a advent calander at Bonton i't was so beautifull ,i
wanted to take it all home, i took a picture, but the woman was
very angry with me so i could'n't take more pictures, i wanted
to share this with you all.

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