Sunday, December 17, 2006

good shopping

One of my passions is craft books, it's greatfor inspiration
and sollutions, so i love to buy them.
This time i had an other good reason to buy them, because
Ine ( my friend from kunstwerk spangen) and i will organize
two workshops, "design and make your own softie"
One workshop for adults and the other one for children,
I have done things like this in the past and i really enjoyed it.

These are some cottons i bought at Moline, i thought it's so springtime,
i want to use it to makesome of the cute things out of the
japanese book i got from my swap from Sasha.
The fabric with the bigger pattern is thicker so it will make
great bags/aprons/totes.

These african cottons i found at Dreyfuss, i have bought some
before and they are great for summer clothes ans small bags.


Malene said...


I can see that you had a great time in Paris.

I just love the stuff you have bought.

Is it possible for you to send me the ISBN-numbers for the books - they are very interesting - and I love books too....

Love Malene

A French Mama said...

Hi, i'm starting over my new blog, yours is just fabulous. Just for the info (i'm part african, cameroonese actually) those african fabrics are called "pagne". Have a great day, Eloïse