Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Gimme Your Stuff

Gimme Your Stuff.

I'm so happy, i found a wonderfull site today Gimme Your Stuff, on this site you can find people to swap.

Well i love buying, making, selecting andwrapping beautifull presents so i hope that lots of people will contact me.

What have i to offer?

* vintage fabric

* ribbons

* handmade goodies like bags(also childrens), aprons, totes, animals, christmas stockings....you name it

* everything in your favourite colour or theme,( i do like a good theme)

* dutch magazines

* dutch cany/food

* my own handprinted fabric

* craft books

*handmade children clothes, dress, skirt..

* .........open for more options

What do i like?

* craft magazines ( i do love the japanese ones)

* nice 100%cotton fabric with nice pattern

* patterns for childrens clothes

* i love handcrafted things

* things for my two girls(3 and 5 years)
* liberty fabric

* muji

* i love paris, so things to do with paris are always welcome

* open for surprise or suggestions


babs said...

Hi! I'd love to swap with you! I'm from the USA, please check out my blog (swapwithbabs.blogspot.com)if you are interested. I can offer you fabric, a japanese zakka craft book, and candies.

I would love to receive traditionally Dutch souvineers (like decorated little wooden shoes, blue ceramic tiles), fabric, handmade bag, etc.

email me at swapwithbabs (at) gmail (dot) com if you're interested!

Look forward to hearing from you -babs

jean said...

hi im in England and would love to swap with you my blog is at
or you can email me at

jean x

Village Mama said...

Hi Miko!
found you via Malenes Knitwork.

I'm a writer/editor/producer, I live in Toronto, Canada, have a boy (2 yrs) and a baby girl (9 wks). I'd love to swap a Christmas craft/fun box with stickers, postcards, stamps, t-shirts from local tourist attractions, a fun CD by a local children's group, local treats like maple syrup, like you, am open for surprise and suggestions...would love to hear from you.

salvagesistas said...

hello Miko!

i would love to swap with you. my sister used to have a penpal from your country!

i can get you cotton fabric with nice designs, stuff for your 2 lovely daughters, muji stuff and candies/chocs!

i'd like vintage/cute fabric, handmades, dutch candies/chocs and a T-shirt from your country.

let me know if you're interested in swapping with me! (email me at super.drey@yahoo.com)

all about liza! said...

hi! I'm interested in swapping with you and thought I'd leave a message to see if you're interested! I'd be especially interested in recieving anything handmade, especially for my daughter who is a year old! Or general baby items. I'm also interested in craft type magazines and dutch candy! I can swap about anything: magazines, newspapers, postcards, cute notecards (homemade or store bought), cute homemade magnets, tea or apple cider packets, candy, fabric (we have a beautiful fabric store in town), patterns for childrens clothes and childrens shirts with cute embelleshments or embelleshments that you can use! Please e-mail me if you're interested at kurlykova at gmail.com and my blog is here

dephal said...

Hi! I live in California and it would be fun to swap with you. I have two girl also, ages 3 and 7, and they both love dress-up clothes, so that would be great. Or Dutch snacks, or, well, anything. It's just fun to swap!
I can get you fabric, US craft magazines, things for the kids, or whatever else you might like from here. Please check out my blog at dephal.blogspot.com or drop me an email at dephalqu@yahoo.com.

lily y luna said...

Hi Miko..we would love to swap with you. We can send vintage and cotton fabric, handmade children's clothing, vintage children's patterns and a few surprises! We would love your hand printed fabric and are always up for a sweet surprise!

mikodesign said...

hello lily and luna,
Thanks for your comment but you didn't leave a webpage or blog or
e-mail adres, so i can't answer you.??

Katherine said...

Hi there,

I'd love to swap with you if you are interested.

I'd love to get a homeade Apron and maybe some of those lovely dutch wooden shoes. I could send lots of wonderful goodies. Let me know what you are interested in.

My e-mail addy is weasfan@aol.com

Look forward to hearing from you!

amirah said...

Hi there, I would love to swap with you sometime after the new year if you are interested! My email is amirahc@hotmail.com. You can find my link on Gimme Your Stuff under Dreamy Mimi in Malaysia. Happy holidays!!

Allison from California said...

Wow! You have a lot of offers here. I feel like I'm bidding on ebay or something. So to sell my swap to you... I'm a new mother and your offer of children's items is very enticing. I'm a graphic designer and I sew and scrapbook so I have many crafty things just lying around waiting to be used when the inspiration strikes. Please see my post :http://dingu.vox.com/library/post/gimme-gimme.html

and let me know if you aren't already all swapped out!

Melly said...

Hi there Erika, We would love to organise a swap with you! Our parents were both born in the Netherlands however we were born here in Australia. Please look at our blog and see if you would like to organise a swap. We can offer anything from Australia as well as hand made items - just let us know. Thanks, Melly & Rosie.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I would love to swap with you if you are interested! I can offer you Japanese craft books and magazines, candies, crafty supplies, handmade fabric bag, you name it. =) Please check out my blog and let me know if you're interested. I signed up with GYS today, and still waiting on an approval.
http://sewkrafty.blogspot.com .. and if you need to email me --> vanilla_bm@hotmail.com
Hope to talk to you soon!

sharon said...

hello Erika (: I'm Sharon from Singapore! and i'd love to do a swap with you!

i can get japanese magazines and the prettiest cottons for you over here and we have a muji store here too! i do quite a bit of crafting too as well! surprisingly you mentioned you love things to do with paris and i just made myself a Eiffel Tower necklace and could do one for you as well(:

i'd love some of your fabric, trims and dutch craftbooks and anything pretty!

do email me at goodmorninglove@gmail.com hope that we'll be able to swap!

THE MAMA said...

Hi Miko,

Would you be interested to do a swap with me?? I can offer craft magazines esp from Australia and Japan, fabrics , paper patterns, muji stuff etc. In return I would like to receive anything with rabbits on them. Please check out my blog at www.switchtwitch.blogspot.com for more info. Hope to hear from you.:op

Raesha D said...

I would love to arrange a swap with you - my husband's family is Dutch (our last name is de Ruiter Zylker) and I would love some Dutch souveniers and candy/food and maybe a t-shirt or ball cap for his upcoming birthday in May. I live in New Mexico in the US and can send lots of wonderful stuff:) Please email me if you are interested. Thank you!!

Kathrin said...

I would love to swap with you.

My Name is Kathrin an I live in Germany. I have an two years old daughter. I think, I have a lot of fabrics and patterns for you and also a lot for your two children.

Would you have a look at my swap post? http://stoffrausch.blogspot.com/2007/02/gimme-your-stuff.html

Please write me a comment, if you are interested.


Tasha :D said...

Hi, im from Singapore and would love to swap things with you. I come from a multi-racial country so there are so many types of food i could send to you! let me know if you're interested, mail me at incestbites@hotmail.com. Hope to hear from you soon :)

electric boogaloo said...

If you swapped with all these people, it looks like you were quite busy! I would love to do a swap if you're still doing them. I haven't made a swap post, but I'm pretty much interested in exactly what you're offering. I have a 3 1/2 year old daugher, Violet. And a nearly 2 year old son, Finnegan.