Sunday, October 22, 2006

art shop kunstwerk spangen

This are pictures i took in a new gallery of a friend of mine
the pictures show some of my creations that they
have in the gallery
The shop is devided in diffrent area's
like rooms, here is the bedroom

Mila and sofia with new dresses I made that morning, it's so great that one good pattern you can make so many diffrent item, I'm still busy with creating a 'mini'childrens collection,
the colours will be white with black dots/black/grey , very simple forms.
The mini collection will include little accessories in bright pink and red.
Hope to show it very soon.

There is and old wardrobe where they have the clothes that they sell
on the left side are my baby blankets boys and girls

Here are some of the dresses that i made from african fabric
i bought in Paris

This is the childrens corner, with some
of my bags, cats, rabbits aprons, mini poufs etc

The shop window

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