Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Do you like green?


On my trip to Los Angeles we saw many cacti and visited a very pretty shop called the General store, the picture above was inspired by this shop and my trip to LA.

I made the little rug for the dolls out of an Ikea placemat a fun and easy project to make! I added the print with some textile paint and a sjablon I cut from paper. The little cactus paintings I made on tiny canvas board that I bought at a local art supply shop.

I'm not fond of the colour green but I love plants and the green colours they add to my interior. I didn't have plants in my house for a long time, I wanted them but they always died so at the end I just gave up hope and went for a plant free home but a little more than a year ago I tried again and yes some of the plants didn't make it but most of them did and I love having plants in my home. 

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super manos said...

I love green!
Very cute doll:)