Thursday, February 12, 2015

Where to find great mini's

Often I get the question where I find all the cute mini items that I use as probs in the photos I post here and on instagram.
I must admit that when you start looking for mini items you develop an eye for it and you'll find more and more....
The size of doll accesories that I need for my Mikodesign dolls are not a regular size that you can find in every doll or toy shop or if you find them they will be very pricy.

The best place to start looking are the secondhand shop and you local department store. In the netherlands I find the best things at Hema, Xenos, Tiger, Action and Dille& Kamille. On the internet Etsy is also a great place to look for doll accesories, the sewing machine and camera stamp I found at a japanese stationary shop.

* bookreading lamps make perfect doll desk lamps, I found them in several shops like Tiger and Xenos
* the calculator was a very ugly watch I bought at Action, I removed the straps and now it's a doll calculator
*the mini siccors and tape dipencer are part of a mini stationary set I bought at Hema, you can also find them   at Tiger
*the little pen holder is a perfect doll dustbin or bucket, this one is from Xenos
*a perfect shop to find doll kitchen supplies is Dille& kamille, here I found the small wooden spoon and they   have very cute small wooden plates, glass bowls and much more..
* the plastic hanger came with some socks we bought recently and makes a perfect doll clothes hanger.

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Jess said...

Ohhh I want those tiny scissors and lamps! I wish Tiger and these shops could ship to North America.