Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Fall colours...

I like fall season with all it's pretty colours and knitted scarfs and hats.. 

I found the cute bag on Etsy in this shop , it's really cute and tiny and I love it, sadly it cannot open but it will looks great on the dolls I think.
I'm fascinated by mini things and I'm always on the look out to find some props for the dolls. Funny how you develop an eye for all things tiny and find mini things in all places. I love roaming the internet too but when you look for doll things they are mostly too small ( doll house) or very pink and plastic. then I found this bag, is actually for a Blythe doll. They have so many cute clothes and accesories for these dolls, sadly they are almost all to small to fit my dolls... 

Look at these leggings, so super cute, my girls woulkd love them ( also in their size ) you can find them here

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