Monday, June 16, 2014

Sewing for teenagers

I love sewing clothes for my girls and they love the clothes I make (at least they tell me so)
But lately I've been sewing less clothes for them since I find it hard to find nice patterns for their size (158 and up) I used to sew mostly clothes from Japanese sewing books because I like their simple shapes and look but all those patterns are up to size 140 or so. In holland you can find burda or knippie (kids clothes sewing magazines) but I'm not a big fan of their style.
But last saturday in the bookstore I took a look in the new Knippie and saw a pattern I liked of a very simple dress that would be perfect for the girls. I already had this fun Moustache fabric waiting to be made into something so within a few hours I made a new dress for Mila and she looves it and so do I.

Do you have the same trouble of finding nice patterns for your teenagers or do you have some nice tips for great patterns?


welliewalks said...

Hello- I've been thinking the same thing- my younger daughter is 12. I found some cute vintage patterns on etsy recently.

Maya said...

It's the first time I visit your blog, and I'm enjoying myself very much!
You sew very nicely. You can try Ottobre magazine for teenagers' clothes. It's a nice sewing magazine - they also have English versions, and you can order them online after you take a look at the inside of each issue. Have a nice weekend!