Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Creative and healthy food

Today i made a fast food inspired lunch for Mila, in looks like fast food but it so much more healthier! It is simple to make and easy and jummie to eat!

* The cheese burger was made from a peanut butter sandwich cut is circles layered with a piece of yellow        eatable paper and sprinkled with sesame seeds
* the french fries are pieces of frech mango, apple or carrot would also be great
* the ketchup is made of some strawberries I put in the blender
*the strawberry milkshake is actually a strawberry/banana/orange smoothie

I love how a bit of creativity can turn a boring lunch into something special and make kids eat their fruits& vegetables in a fun way!


Ilaria Chiaratti Bonomi said...

Very clever and creative!

Denise Beckand said...

Zo leuk gedaan!!

yoojin said...

Super cute idea! :D

Martina Visnjic art said...

So cool idea! love it!

Eefje said...

Geweldig! Wat lijkt me het leuk dit soort dingen ook te kunnen maken als mijn kindje groter is :-)