Thursday, March 20, 2014

Almost Party time....

Mila is celebrating her 11th birthday this sunday, I cannot believe it was already 1 year ago that she had her Moonrise kingdom party!
This year we started very late with party planning because we just could not decide on a nice birthday theme. Lots of ideas came to our head but only just a few weeks ago we decided to go with the theme: what Mila loves! Mila loves drawing, foxes and other furry animals,high tea's, blue and purple. So I let her make a few drawings and we choose our favourite and made it into this sweet fox birthday card. 
For the party we are making Pinatas and we will have a photobooth too... I look forward on sharing more pictures soon!


Liza Veenendaal said...

Ik word altijd weer blij van jullie feestjes en tekeningen. Gaaf hoor!
Veel succes met de voorbereidingen, maar zo te zien gaat dat weer goedkomen.

Fijne weekend!

equipo: Hannah/Noah/Hilke said...

Nice masks!