Thursday, June 06, 2013

Dip and Dye party planning

These last few days Sofia and I did quite a lot op party crafting, we made the inviations, dip & dyed a lot.... and made the treats for her school class. What I like about the themed parties is that every theme comes with different colours, materials and techniques, for the dip & dye party we  dyed fabric and t-shirts we really enjoyed the fabric colouring and will do that again very soon. 

4 comments: said...

Witte bloemen in water met eet kleurstof geeft ook zo'n effect. Met name na een paar dagen.
Wederom super thema.

Daan said...

Love it!!!
Krijg helemaal dipzin!

Elisa Voskamp said...

Wat een super thema!! Krijg er zelf dip inspiratie van!

Mireille said...

Super thema weer!
Wat een geluk hebben jou meisjes toch.