Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Oh Marie...

I love magazines, half my workroom is filled with magazines!! I also love online magazines, perhaps even more because they don't take up any space in my over-crowded workroom. Do you read online magazines? What are your favourite ones? My new favourite online magazine is Oh Marie, I like the fact that it's a Dutch online magazine ( there are not that many dutch online magazines!) and i like that every issue has an other theme. This new issue has such a pretty cover designed by Ellen Vesters and I love the article about the man with their cats ;-)
 Go and read the magazine here...
and to tell a little secret we are already planning Mila's birthday party and it will be in their Summer issue, I cannot wait to tell more!

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Stephanie said...

Ik ben ook groot fan van OhMarie!
Wauw je dochter's feest in het zomernummer :)