Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tutorial time

Perhaps you remember this doll outfit I made before, such a easy and fun thing to make. So when Mila had an other hole in her legging I thought it could be fun to make a new doll outfit and make a little tutorial for you. I love projects that take little time and have a nice result. The ensemble was a bit boring all in one colour that's why I decided to use some Paris tranfers that I bought on my trip to Paris you can find them here, the scarf I made from Petit Pan fabric.

I hope you enjoy the tutorial, if you make your own doll outfit I love to see it!!


FADİŞ said...

So cute!

lightbluegrey said...

goed dat je weer tutorials maakt. ziet er weer om te smullen uit!

Anonymous said...

LOve these soooo much!!!

Bela from Misha L.