Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Gone to the beach

I love dressing up my dolls and making them little accesories as you know and I love seeing what other people make for their dolls, I'm wondering what kind of clothes, bags and extra's are being made for all those dolls and rabbits that found a home. Sometimes I'm lucky to see some pictures that clients blog or send. This little spencer I saw a little while ago on Instagram, it was made by the talented Dominica who owns a very cute boutique in Antwerpen,  I loved it and was so happy to hear she was sending it to me! Now it's here and I finally had some time to dress up my doll and take some summery pictures!
Have you made some cute outfits for your Mikodesign doll or Rabbit that you want to share?
I love to see it, you can send me a link, pictures, etc...or leave a comment!

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Sian said...

Love your designs, they are soooo cute. I've a little girls b'day coming up in sept - maybe just the thing : )