Monday, June 04, 2012

Henna Hands

This Friday Sofia will have her Birthday party and we are busy with the last party preparations. Last week we went on a city safari to do some birthday shopping (west-kruiskade Rotterdam) We found these really nice Henna Templates that we will use as decoration and also some craft projects. It was nice to visit this colourfull neighbourhood, so many pretty things to see and we came home with some great things for the party.

Sofia made her own henna hand drawing that we will use for little thank you gifts for the guests. Things are really taking shape and we are almost finished, we (Sofia, Mila and I ) actually sewed about 16 cushion covers this weekend! They turned out so nice that I cannot wait to show you the end result!

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Lucy Patterson HANDS-ON said...

Can't wait to see those cushions! Good luck with all the last minute preparations! The invitation is so cute.
Lucy : )