Friday, June 15, 2012

From our garden

We live in the centre of a big city but are very lucky to have a nice garden, in our garden we have mostly flowers but some fruit, herbs & veg too. This is the first harvest from our garden, not so much but quite tasty...the greens I used for dinner and the reds where used in a nice summer dessert I made with Sofia.


Ilaria Chiaratti said...

This pic it's just lovely!

talent trawl said...

i'm sure
and what a

(talent trawl:
trawling the net for outstanding creativity)

Helmi said...

Heerlijk, besjes heb ik ook.Ik heb een kleine tuin, maar daar horen vruchten en kruiden in te staan. Japanse wijnbes, kleine vruchten van de moerbeiboom en rabarber in de voortuin! Als het nu ook nog een beetje warmer wordt kan ik straks ook vijgen plukken.

Gulcin said...

Wow! It's a great chance to have your own fruits and vegetables! I can feel the wonderful taste of first harvest!
Have a great weekend!

Yoko said...

lucky of you to have such harvest in your garden!

gothic victorian dresses said...

The fruits and vegetables look so fresh!Wonderful!