Friday, May 11, 2012

We found a party theme...

So thanks again for the suggestions, we finally choose to stay with the arabic theme, both Sofia and I thought it would be fun, sitting on cushions in the garden, sipping mint tea eating cookies, painting henna hands and watching Azur et Asmar. Have you seen that film already, Í really love it, both the story and the whole look of the film, enough to inspire us to get started with the party planning!


Helmi said...

Vergeet 'buikdansen' niet! Fijne verjaardag.

Knoopjes said...

Wat een goed thema! En bedankt voor de filmtip!

lightbluegrey said...

o, dan heb ik nog wel wat voor je!

Anonymous said...

I love this theme - so different!

Two additional ideas that might go along with it:!/2011/02/spaghetti-sauce-jar-moroccan-lanterns.html

and maybe:!/2011/10/fortune-teller-booth-halloween-craft.html

Hiskia / said...

Leuk!! Lekker zoete koekjes eten & in de tuin dansen hmmmm.... :-)

Isis en ik waren afgelopen herfst in Marrakech en het was fantastisch! We hebben het er vaak over, dat het zo mooi was.

Misschien moeten we ook eens een arabisch feestje geven om het gevoel weer een beetje terug te krijgen! Ben benieuwd hoe jullie feest gaat worden, succes en veel plezier met de voorbereidingen!!

Lucy Patterson HANDS-ON said...

What a great theme! So much beautiful inspiration.

The photos you put made me immediately think of Morocco. I love Morocco! Two of my favourite things about Morocco are the tiles and the donkeys! :)

And of course the colours and carpets and lanterns... These tin can lanterns were the closest I got to making my own Moroccan lanterns!

I love the idea of the cushions in the garden. I really treasure the pouffes I brought back from Morocco. I made some pouffes recently from fabrics I bought in Vietnam. I love how they turned out! My top tip for making pouffes is to fill them with fabric scraps. It makes them lovely and heavy.

I can't wait to see Sofia's party! I'm sure it will be wonderful.

Lucy x