Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Selling cookies

Yesterday was a super day, Me and the girls had a stall in Rotterdam selling  fabrics, buttons,lace and so much more and the grils sold cookies and cupcakes. The did a super job and sold out all their cookies and cupcakes, especially the cookies where very popular. The sun was shining all day and we saw lots of friends, I sold quite a lot too so all in all and very good and lovely day.


Dutch Apple said...

Wauw, de koekjes zien er erg leuk uit! De voorbereidingen op Instagram gezien, wat ontzetten leuk zeg!

Helmi said...

Oh, die koekjes zien er fantastisch uit. Zonde om op te eten.

Anonymous said...

those cookies look so good!

The girls are so cute!

misha lulu