Thursday, May 10, 2012

Green garden

Lots of rain and some sun has made our garden explode, lots of green and the first flowers are showing their colours! I love this season. My dad brought me some of his own cultivated plants, almost ready to put in the ground.

 I have not been blogging so often here as I wanted, reasons are that the girls have a 2 week holiday and my husband is on a long buisness trip to China (3 weeks!!) and after that a week to Australia(Sydney) so 4 weeks in total. In the meanwhile Sofia and I have decided on a theme for her birthday....all will be revealed soon! Thanks for all your ideas and comments I really appriciate it!

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Lucy Patterson: HANDS-ON said...

Hi Erika! Your garden is looking beautiful. Can't wait to hear what the theme for Sofia's birthday is! Lucy :)