Friday, April 13, 2012


The sun is starting to shine and the weather is getting warmer...time to make some new clothes for the girls. A great way to get started is joining KCWC organised by Elsie Marley. Commit yourself to sew 1 hour a day for a week. On Elsie's blog and pinterest you will find lots of ideas, tutorials, links and inspiration to get started. Sofia and Mila have grown a lot so they are in need of lots of new clothes, some dresses, shorts, skirts and a summercoat of some sort. I love using the patterns from Japanese sewing books, most of them have patterns up to size 130(cm) the girls are bigger now so I have to add some lenght to the patterns for the arms and legs. Does anybody know a japanese sewing book for teenagers with sizes 140 and up?? The girls still like wearing handmade clothes and even help sewing and cutting them but there are no really nice books and patterns availible for their size and age I think!


Mars said...

Geen tips voor boeken, maar ik wilde even zeggen dat je fantastische stofjes hebt liggen! :)

welliewalks said...

Girls World by Jennifer Paganelli has some clothing in sizes for older girls- also her patterns. I made the halter top dress from the book- cute! I have the same issue with a 10 year old! I just bought a couple Simplicity Lisette patterns. I made 1892 (had to enlarge it myself to a 10) and it is SO cute!! I also have 1893 and we are both looking forward to sewing it up! Have fun!

meg said...

that hot air balloon fabric is out of this world!