Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring tutorial

I was asked by one of my favourite magazines 101-woonideeen if I would like to make a tutorial for their easter issue of course I said yes. I made this  festive spring garland with birds and feathers based on a garland I made for Mila's bird party, you can find the tutorial in the 'paasspecial' that comes with the magazine this month and also  here  and you can find an interview with me ( in dutch) on their blog.  

I have some extra 101-woonideeen easter specials to give away, so with the first 20 orders from my etsy shop I will include one.


silly old suitcase said...

Ik heb het gezien! hardstikke leuk!!


Crafty Mama said...

Gezien, erg leuk!!
Weet niet of je het weet of al hebt gezien, maar ik heb een konijn van je gespot in het nieuwe boek van Selina Lake! Onmiskenbaar een Mikodesign!
Fijne dag!

Kris said...

oooh leuk! Je voelt je vast heel speciaal!

rich said...

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