Wednesday, December 21, 2011

wood & wool stool

It's so nice to see the things I made in their new home, photograped by their new owners! Above you see the eiffel tower I made for Ingrid, I really like that stack of colorful wool next to it. The cute little christmas tree was made by Ingrid from Wood& wool stool,  but hangs in the very pretty house of Marlous from Planet Fur, both ladies made some really nice christmas decorations for their home. We just bought our tree yesterday and start decorating tomorrow, today I will try to make miniuture christmas gardens with the girls and their grandfather, untill then I will try to catch up with all the e-mails.


Planet Fur said...

Wat lief, bedankt! Ik ben zo blij met je hangers, ze hangen hier helemaal mooi te zijn. :-)

wall decals said...

Wow, so nice design