Friday, December 09, 2011

I love Milk

 I love magazine, I really like interior magazines, I really really love kids interior magazines and I really really really love Milk! I have been reading milk from the beginning and I just love it, there has not jet been any issue that dissapointed me and I love flipping through the old issues. I just bought the new issue and also their milk decoration book ( for the people in Rotterdam, you can find the book at Snoek). So many nice interiors and design objects. The picture above is taken in the girls room, these are the shelves of Mila, she loves collecting little animals, japanese tape and much more....the cute white bunny is a little light, you can find it here.


Martine said...

Oh, heerlijk zulke overvolle plankjes! Kan er lang naar staren.

Knoopjes said...

Goede reden om snel eens naar Rotterdam te gaan!
Leuk õok je verzamelplankje, ik zie steeds iets anders!

Agata said...

Ohhh Milk is my big love toooooo!
I got the Mlik Decoration just in the shop close by us ( the Erokiaplain ;-) already like 2 weeks ego. Agata