Thursday, December 01, 2011

Etsy Advent


Etsy France, Germany and the Netherlands made an Advent calendar for their blog, each day you can open a 'door' and you can find a nice suprise, a DIY project or download from an etsy seller. I'm so happy and proud to be the first etsy seller to offer a suprise  behind one  of those doors! I made a download for a Paris skyline candle holder ( be sure to use fake candles or put the candles in a safe candle holder!) If you like to download the candle holder and find the advent calendar you can visit the Dutch etsy blog, the German etsy blog or the French etsy blog. 


Suus Geniet said...

Ha Erica,

Wat ontzettend leuk! De printer doet op dit moment zijn werk! Bedankt!

Pipowagen aan Zee said...

Erg Mooi! Bedankt hiervoor...Vanmiddag geprint en gevouwen en sinds het donker is brandt er een kaarsje (in glas) achter ...en het staat geweldig mooi !

TEZUKURI said...

Yes I made it and I really enjoy it ! Thank you! xo